“What we know matters but who we are matters more.”

Brene Brown

I work with senior leaders and multi-disciplinary teams to help improve their ways of working, how they communicate and manage interpersonal dynamics in order to achieve better outcomes and improve people’s lives.

Areas in which I support clients include:

  • Team coaching: to understand individual and team strengths, the behaviours and group dynamics that might be holding a team back, and how to harness collective capabilities to achieve their goals.
  • Communication: helping individuals and teams have difficult conversations, resolve conflict and engage colleagues in organisational change.
  • Wellbeing and resilience: creating sustainable psychological wellbeing strategies for individuals and teams in times of crisis.
  • Service reviews and diagnostics: undertaking strategic and system reviews, audits and benchmarking exercises; recommending on future direction for services and performance improvement.
  • Organisational change: working with leadership teams to engage employees, communicate effectively and manage transition to new ways of working.

I can work as strategic advisor, coach or mentor depending on your needs. For examples of some of my work see my case studies below.

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Examples of my work

Working alongside the Employee Health and Wellbeing department of an NHS Trust I put in place one-to-one wellbeing support for critical care teams during Covid-19. Colleagues could access a strictly confidential service through an online booking service. They were then provided a personal link to a Zoom meeting at a convenient time for them on a daily or weekly basis.

Following national guidelines I also moved a hospice counselling and bereavement service to remote working, maintaining clinical and ethical guidelines and ensuring staff wellbeing. The service offers online and telephone support to patients and families as well as a range of resources including virtual groups, online resources and telephone support for health and social care staff.

I am a facilitator for the Advanced Communication Skills Training programme (previously Connected) for senior healthcare professionals.

This is an evidenced-based programme and is highly experiential in nature, using role play and trained actors to simulate conversations that take place in a healthcare setting. The course provides senior clinicians with a unique opportunity to reflect on their current communication practice, develop strategies to manage complex, challenging and often emotive situations and through practice in a safe and supportive environment, build confidence in having such conversations in the workplace with colleagues, patients and relatives.

I have also designed bespoke workshops on ‘Having Difficult Conversations’ and ‘Breaking Bad News’ health and social care sectors.

Following disagreement between colleagues within the Radiology department of an NHS Trust, relationships had broken down presenting a potential risk to patient care.

I worked with the clinicians and HR team providing one-to-one coaching and team support to help them gain a better understanding of their difficulties, understand the role each individual played in this and identify strategies for positively managing disagreement and challenges, as well as develop a team compact to guide future behaviour.

Following a series of ‘never events’ that presented potential patient and reputational risk for the Trust I undertook a systemic diagnostic and service review of its Ophthalmology department. This included developing terms of reference and employee communications to gain engagement in the plan, and depth interviews and focus groups with clinicians and healthcare professionals.

Recommendations were then made to the Board on how best to drive process improvement, improve staff engagement and offer a better patient experience.

Having completed a systemic review of team dynamics with the Women and Children’s division of a large NHS Trust I worked with the senior leadership team to develop and facilitate a series of offsite workshops for consultants and midwifery teams. The aims of which were to create a shared vision for the future that prioritised excellent patient care, improved communication, and promoted teamwork as well as maintaining staff wellbeing.

The feedback from the workshops was outstanding providing an important stepping stone to improving the working environment and culture within the department.

I worked with the senior leadership team of a private healthcare provider to improve communication and interpersonal dynamics. Whilst the team had built a successful business model there were frequent disagreements and tensions amongst them. This was having a negative impact on plans for future business growth as well as individual levels of resilience and wellbeing.

I put in place a programme of one-to-one coaching to team members improve self-awareness and better understand how their behaviours impacted on each other. This was followed up with by team coaching to develop a ‘working together’ compact enabling them to hold each other to account in a constructive and supportive way, have difficult conversations and build resilience in the system for any potential future challenges.

I conducted a benchmarking exercise and systemic review of the counselling and bereavement service for an independent hospice. This included a thorough audit of systems and processes, assessment against national guidelines and best practice, and a recommendation for future strategic direction and team structure.

Post implementation the service received and ‘outstanding’ in its mock CQC inspection.

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